Story of Freyberg Cricket Club

Freyberg Cricket Club was first formed in 1971 with the first season being 1971-72. Success followed with competition victories and several players selected into the Manawatu Rep side and Central Districts sides.

After the 97-98 season Freyberg CC merged with Kia Toa University (KTU) to be renamed Kia Toa Freyberg (KTF) The new merger had immediate success with KTF dominating the One Day and Two-Day competition for several years with players like Jamie Lee, Peter Ingram, Joe Hill, David Fulton, Craig Adlington, Luke Murray dominating club and Manawatu batting records. Bowling stocks included standout players like Michael Mason, Craig Auckram, Emmett Craik, Mark Salmon, Greg Loveridge, Hayden Madsen and PNBHS rector David Bovey.
In 2008 the club returned back to its original name Freyberg Cricket Club.   

In 2010 a terrible tragedy hit the club with the tragic deaths of club members Hayden Madsen and Dan Gregory in the ANZAC day air force helicopter crash. Hayden joined the club in 1997 as a medium pace allrounder and played over 100 games, a valued committee member and recruiting officer to bring players from the Air Force to the club. This is how Dan became a player in the second team.

The club along with the Air Force come together each year to play for the Madsen Trophy which goes to the winning team and player of the day receives the Dan Gregory Trophy. These trophies were made by Alex Campbell from The Air Force and feature two components from an Iroquois helicopter and are regarded as two of the most prestigious trophies in the club.

Recently all club records/stats have been uploaded into a digital version and is on the website. Some notable records were broken recently with Luke Murray scoring 188 v PNBHS overtaking Paul Wischnowskys 176 against UTD 88/89 season only to see it beaten in the same season by Dane Cleavers 303no v Palmerston in a total of 473/8. He also broke the record for runs scored in a season with 803 runs at an average of 160.6 from 8 innings.

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