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Schools to Clubs Initiative

​​Last October the Manawatu Cricket Association launched the Junior Cricket 'Schools to Clubs' Initiative. All Junior Cricket, up to Year 8 level, will be run through clubs, rather than through schools from 2018. Every young cricketer will play for a club from the start of the 2018 season. Reasons for the change are

1.    To increase opportunities for all of our young cricketers to play cricket

2.    Ensure our young cricketers play at the appropriate level for their age and ability

3.    Improve the engagement between clubs and cricket players which will hopefully build strong links between clubs and players, through cricket.

4.    Reduce the expectations placed on schools and teachers in terms of coaching and organisation. 

We are excited about this change and know that it will increase participation, enjoyment and success, for all.

Freyberg Junior Cricket Club

At Freyberg Cricket, we strongly believe in being a club for the whole family. As such we fully encourage parents and caregivers to involve themselves in their child’s cricket at whatever level they can.

Cricket at Freyberg simply cannot happen without the support and effort of parents and caregivers. This very much includes the coaching that goes on in the backyard as well as coaching in the team environment. The club acknowledges the effort of all volunteers and the contribution that they make to the enjoyment of cricket for our members.

We currently have children starting at age 7 up to age 13.  We are ALWAYS looking for new players so give us a call/message if you want to start playing Cricket.

We have the following teams in these divisions at this stage as of March 2019:

Saturday Morning (2019)
FCC Year 7/8 - Hardball grade
FCC Year 3/4/5 - Incrediball grade

Our teams are managed and coached by a dedicated group of parents who enjoy the challenge and reward of seeing their children grow into great cricketers. We teach the value of good sportsmanship, positive attitude and perseverance in doing the best you can do.


If you would like to register your child please follow the highlighted link here or please contact our Junior Coordinator Glenn Blay through his email address and he will endevour to ask all your questions


Saturday Morning
Cancellations for all grades of cricket in the Manawatu will be posted on their Facebook page and will be broadcast on More FM 92.2 on the day of the match around 7.30am.

Once it is confirmed we will post updates to our Facebook account here


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